4 Common Roof Problems Facing Charlotte Businesses

Even the most durable of commercial properties in Charlotte face challenges against the snowy winters, tornadoes, flooding, and hail storms. Whether it’s the leaks and water pooling, lack of maintenance, the weight of accumulated snow, or issues from a subpar repair or installation, there are a variety of commercial roof problems to watch out for.

In this article, we will dive into the 4 most common instances of commercial roof damage for Charlotte properties and more information about Metal Roofing Pros.

4 Commercial Roofing Problems Facing Charlotte Businesses

Issues from Poor Workmanship

A previous poor experience with a roofing company can cause a plethora of issues for your commercial property down the line. This subpar craftsmanship can range from bad installation and repair work to improper ventilation, uneven roofing, unaligned shingles, and poorly installed flashing. It’s vital to choose a reputable roofing contractor to perform all of your home improvement services. A local roofing company will be able to offer you durable roofing solutions that will withstand your local climate and last for many years. Cutting corners will only result in more costly repairs. Poor workmanship can lead to roof leaks, structural damage, rot, moisture built up, uneven roofing, and structural damage. 

Water Damage

Water damage can cause significant issues to your commercial property. Water damage can stem from exposure to heavy rain, accumulated snow, hail storms, and ice dams, In turn, the roofing of your commercial property could have leaks and water pooling, structural damage, rust, mold, and mildew growth. Depending on where the water damage has occurred, you could be looking at a weakened roof or extensive and costly repairs for your insulation and decking. Worst case, a full roof replacement may be in order. 

Storm Damage

Depending on the time of year, the Charlotte area is prone to harsh winds and tornadoes, extensive flooding, hail storms, and snowy winters. It’s important to have regular inspections to ensure that your roofing is prepared for upcoming storms and to check in on the condition of your roof after a storm has passed through. Storm damage can range from moisture-related issues to blistering, damaged or missing shingles, and loose granules to punctures and dents in the metal roof of your commercial business. 

Old & Worn Down Roofing 

Last, but not least, Charlotte businesses often deal with issues that stem from old and worn-down roofing. Over time, the roof of your commercial property will deteriorate due to lack of maintenance and general wear and tear. Some tell-tale signs that your roof is starting to wear down are mold, rust, a growth in pest infestations, broken and damaged shingles, worn down metal roofing, or poor ventilation and irregular indoor temperatures. 

Metal Roofing Pros: Your Go-To Commercial Roofing Expert

Proactive inspections and maintenance will help you identify and address commercial roofing issues before they get worse. It’s important to find a reputable and professional roofing company that will provide you with top-notch workmanship, thorough customer service, and detailed and durable roofing solutions.

Metal Roofing Pros is proud to serve the Charlotte community and the surrounding area with reliable roofing and home improvement solutions. At Metal Roofing Pros, we strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to give each project the attention to detail that it deserves. Our roofing team is well-equipped to help you fortify the roof of your commercial business against the Charlotte climate. Call us today to learn more about strengthening the roofing of your commercial property!